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You are Miles ahead with TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane Horse Shoes


Made in Australia by Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd – The Innovators in Equine Hoof Care


TERRAFLEX™ is an exclusive Non-metal – Non-composite, 100% polyurethane horseshoe, the impact-absorbing polyurethane material is used for its high-performance properties. The elasticity of the WHOLE shoe significantly lessens the effect of hard impacts, reducing the risk of injury and strain, encouraging more natural flexibility and movement of the hoof.


TERRAFLEX™ polyurethane horseshoes provide superior abrasive and tear resistance. It is durable, flexible, and has very high load-bearing capabilities. It is true polyurethane, Not plastic Nor rubber, with superior benefits over other horse shoe brands.


TERRAFLEX™ shoes are proven to be reliable and effective. They have been tested over many thousands of competition miles by many different horse/rider combinations around the globe in many equine sporting disciplines.


Please view the videos to assist you in choosing the right product for you and your horse, if you have any further questions regarding our products please contact us.


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