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Shoe Measuring Chart

Please compare your Hoof Measurements on the Chart below to ensure you order the correct Shoe Size

How to Measure the Hoof

Accurate hoof measurements should be taken directly after trim!
Measurements of the hoof should be taken at the widest and longest point when using a measuring tape. (see below)
When measuring untrimmed hooves or hooves currently in shoes, it is suggested that you allow for the 5 – 7 mm (13/64 – 9/32 of an inch)
that will be trimmed from the hoof before shoeing.
The width measurement is generally the most important as the shoes have an extra length that can be trimmed off.


A very helpful measuring tool to have is a TERRAFLEX™ Hoof Sizing Kit (Fit Kit). The Kit gives you the most accurate sizing.
Each Kit set contains four (4) different sizes of shoes, to try against a trimmed hoof to determine the correct fit. (see below)
Hoof Sizing Kits are suitable for determining hoof sizes on multiple hooves without requiring individual measurements. Particularly suited for
Trimmers, Farriers, or those sizing multiple hooves regularly.


How to Modify Shoe Measurements

All of the TERRAFLEX™ shoes can be shaped to fit front and rear hooves as required.


If the hoof measurements of your horse don't match exactly with any shoe sizes from the Measuring Chart you don't have to worry, as any of TERRAFLEX Horseshoes can be easily modified to fit your horses' hooves.

However, if the selected shoe size requires extra hoof length, choose the next size up, and trim the excess off.



XXL and XXXL Shoe Sizes

More Shoe Sizes to come as time progress

Larger Shoe Sizes will be added for our Big Friends

Please view our Videos for more information.

Hoof Sizing Sheet

Please Print your Copy to Record your Measurements Correctly

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