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About Blue Pegasos® Pty Ltd

Blue Pegasos® Pty Ltd, hereafter called Blue Pegasos, is a wholly Australian owned company that is conducting cutting edge research on horseshoe technology and related equine performance issues.

With Blue Pegasos you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a flexible, easy to use horseshoe using the latest innovative polyurethane products developed and manufactured in Australia by Blue Pegasos at very competitive prices.

Blue Pegasos in conjunction with horse owners and riders, veterinarians, and farriers have developed a more versatile and easily applied line of polyurethane horseshoes that take polymer shoes to a new level. We are constantly involved in Research and Development designing quality products for the Equine industry. Conventional and traditional products are often unable to provide the level of satisfaction required and can be limited in areas of application and functionality.

An essential part of our design program is that we listen to you, our customers, and we care about the problems you encounter with your horse.

Our customers and team members range over a broad spectrum of Horse Owners, Veterinarians, Endurance and Trail Riders, Dressage and Show Jumpers, Coach and Carriage Drivers, Camp Drafters, Mounted Police Officers, Polo and Polo Cross Players, Trainers, Farriers, and Jockeys to name a few.

We are certain you will enjoy your shopping experience as much as you will enjoy the benefits of using Blue Pegasos products.

With friendly regards 
Blue Pegasos
Management and Support Team 

About Assessment of Hoof Problems, Causes, and Effects

Every year countless lower leg injuries affect horses the world over. Many of these injures are caused by poor quality hoof care and the inability of traditional steel horseshoe to bend and flex with the natural hoof. Whilst a steel shoe may provide some protection it is a less than ideal solution to the common problem of providing protection and support to the hoof.

Many common hoofs and lower leg problems can be reduced or even eliminated by using a fully 100% polyurethane concussion absorbing flexible shoe. Soundness is key to a horse’s performance and through the correct application, a polyurethane shoe takes away many common causes of lameness and injury.

Allowing a hoof to expand and contract naturally whilst also allowing the heel bulbs to operate independently in vertical motion allows the hoof and leg to cope with uneven surfaces and awkward landings. Horses shod with polyurethane stay sounder for longer periods of time. The risk of concussive laminitis is reduced significantly and coping with impacts on hard surfaces is greatly improved.

Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd has developed a versatile, flexible, and durable concussion absorbing shoe for all Equestrian activities and breeds. From the beloved family pony to World Championship competitors.

Research into commercially available horseshoes showed us that many products do not have the ability to minimise the effects of concussion.

Metal does not have the ability to absorb concussion. In most instances, it magnifies concussive effects.

Plastics  are slippery, go brittle and can break or crack. Plastic is not capable of absorbing much concussive force.

Metal shoes coated in rubber, plastic, or polyurethane compounds are generally not a flexible product. They absorb very little concussion and typically wear through very quickly leaving the steel exposed. This not only stops any lessening of high impact but also tends to create slip and loss of traction as the grip from the coating has gone.

From the first inception, design, and prototype production to laboratory analysis and high tech manufacturing the Blue Pegasos products are of the finest quality at very competitive prices.

Thorough testing in real-world performance situations has proven the durability and quality of Blue Pegasos products. Our products have been used for many therapeutic benefits as well, treating common hoof and leg ailments successfully where other treatments have failed.

Our products are easy to apply and long-lasting.

The success of our clients and the soundness of their horses is testimony to the quality of our products.

With friendly regardsBlue Pegasos Pty Ltd
Management and Support Team

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