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Polyurethanes aren't Polyurethanes

At BLUE PEGASOS®, after exhaustive trials over many years, we have developed our own unique type of polyurethane to deliver the highest level of comfort, support, and integrity to our range of horseshoes.

The materials used are 100% highly-engineered, Non-composite polyurethane. During manufacture, the highest level of care is taken to ensure the consistency of the polyurethane used, and the uniformity of the shoes we produce.

The basics of polyurethane are that it is a synthetic material, but it is Not plastic, Nor is it rubber, but it incorporates the best properties of both plastics and rubber, giving superior flexibility and durability in one material.

TERRAFLEX™ stands alone in the world of synthetic horseshoes.

BLUE PEGASOS® is the only manufacturer to provide a choice of three (3) different grades or densities of polyurethane in three (3) distinctive colours for easy identification of the individual purpose of the shoes.

TERRAFLEX™ horseshoes provide the maximum amount of protection to the hoof while providing flexibility so there is no detriment or inhibition to the natural function of the hoof. TERRAFLEX™ horseshoes actually stimulate and encourage blood circulation and hoof growth, improving wall thickness, sole density, and health.


Compared to other materials, TERRAFLEX™ polyurethane horseshoes have the following advantages

Greater durability due to its abrasive resistant properties

More resistant to chemicals, heat, impact, and weather conditions

Won't get brittle or break, and is more cut and tear-resistant

Is not rigid or heavy like steel, but lighter, flexible, and easier to customise and fit onto the hoof

Highly slip-resistant 

Contains antibacterial properties against hoof fungus

High load-bearing properties

Minimizes concussive forces up to 90%




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