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Updated on the 23rd Day of February 2023


We strongly recommend that you read our Return and Exchange Policy prior to your online order/purchases made through our website bluepegasos.com (Australia) so you will be familiar with it.

If you have ordered/purchased your goods through one of our branches, distributors, agents, and/or a third-party member, you will be subjected to their return and exchange policies.


We (Blue Pegasos) confirm that all the products we offer for sale are free of any material or manufacturing faults, and are of acceptable quality.


We kindly ask you to assess your online order thoroughly to prevent inconvenience(s), delay(s), and/or additional cost(s), as we are not required under the Australian Consumer Law consumer.gov.au to provide you with a Refund, Replacement, Exchange, or Credit if you:

  • got what you ordered but simply changed your mind,
  • done a wrong selection of product(s),
  • found the product(s) cheaper somewhere else,
  • decided you didn’t like the purchase,
  • have no use for it,
  • is not suitable for your application,
  • the problem with the product(s) was caused by you or a third-party member,
  • ask for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business.

We will Refund, Replace, or Credit, any faulty proven product(s) at your discretion if the product(s) are:

  • broken in two,
  • defective (not functional)
  • severely deformed,
  • severely lacerated, or
  • significantly different from the description we provided to you.

Please Note!
The colour of the product(s) may vary slightly from the product(s) image displayed on the website, or in advertisements due to factors such as lighting, monitor resolution, and/or manufacturing variances.

The inherent nature of colour variation Does Not constitute a fault (defect) in the product(s) and Does Not affect the performance, or functionality of the product(s).


We will exchange any product, or credit it to your account if you received it through our online shop bluepegasos.com (Australia) provided the returning goods are in the original condition, and as described hereinafter.

Should you want to exchange some product(s), add a pre-paid and self-addressed satchel/package/envelope with your returning goods.

Any additional costs which may arise due to the fact that the exchanged goods may exceed the cost of the returned goods must be paid in full before the goods will be released.

Any balances which may occur due to the fact that the exchanged goods are lesser in cost as the returned goods will be refunded, or credited to your account at your discretion.

Due to re-stocking of the products, and ledger keeping, a $ 25.00 Dollar general processing fee will apply,

Any credit notes are valid for 90 Days Only (commencing from the date we received your goods) and will become invalid if not used within the stated time frame.


Due to the new processing method, we cannot guarantee by any means to stop and cancel or change your launched order.

If you want to cancel or change your order after you received the items, the following options apply:

We are not required under the Australian Consumer Law consumer.gov.au to provide you with a Refund if you cancel your order or some individual product(s) for the sake of the Refund only.

We Do offer you instead a change or credit of the returned goods for the same value, if you opt for the latter one, please return the goods in the original condition, and as described hereinafter, with your notification.

Due to re-stocking of the products, and ledger keeping, a $ 25.00 Dollar general processing fee will apply,

Any credit notes are valid for 90 Days Only (commencing from the date we received your goods) and will become invalid if not used within the stated time frame.


You have the right to return any product(s) purchased through our online shop bluepegasos.com (Australia)

Please comply with our policy guidelines for a speedy, and satisfactory process, and outcome!

  • You should inspect your receiving parcel/goods on the date of arrival (Take note/photos of any goods damaged or missing)
  • Notify us immediately but not later than 14 Days from the date you received your parcel/goods to validate your issue/claim
  • Await our response, and solution which you will receive within 48 Hrs from the date we received your notification
  • Do Not return any goods unless we stated so, and issued you the appropriate reference Number for it
  • To validate any refund, replacement, credit, or exchange we must receive your product(s) within 28 Days from the date you received the goods

If you have any issues, or before you return any goods to us, please contact us first by not exceeding the 14 Days validated timeline.

Please complete the Return Notification Form located at the bottom part of this page.

Alternatively, you can contact us by e-mail at info@bluepegasos.com state the issue you having with your received goods/parcel, add your name and contact details, the order number you refer to, and the date when you received the goods.

Please Note!
All goods must be returned in the original condition you received them (clean and untampered with), and must be returned within 28 days from the receiving date to be validated.


You are responsible for returning any products, that can be posted or easily returned.

We refuse to accept any returning products on a return postage/shipping contract unless we stated so.

If we confirm that the returned product(s) is faulty, we will reimburse you for any reasonable return costs you have already paid as per receipt.

If we find that the returned product Does Not have a defect, though you insist on undertaking further investigation, then you may be made liable for the additional costs, if any.

Please Note!
Under the Australian Consumer Law consumer.gov.au Blue Pegasos as a business, has the right to assess the product(s) or service(s) in question, before providing a solution


Processing time for any issue depends on how early you have notified us, and if it includes any product(s) to be returned.

If any product(s) need to be returned then it has to be done within the validated time limit of 28 days, this can mean that the process can’t be finished before 28 days.

Please Note:
If the process exceeds the validated time limit, we will notify you in due course of time, and cooperate with you for an extension of time to resolve the issues.


If you did not receive your order/parcel in a reasonable time as it should have arrived, or we have sent you the wrong product, please notify us immediately but Not later than 14 Days after you received the goods, to resolve the issue.


If in any circumstance you may have a special request, such as the need to receive your order on a specific date, or time, or to be shipped to a distinctive address/location which is out of the regular routes of the courier service, you have to contact us first for confirmation.

If it is possible for us to arrange such a request, you have to account for an increase in cost.


We strongly advise that upon placing your order you check your details thoroughly before completing it. Blue Pegasos will not accept any liability for orders that are lost due to incorrect information. 


If you have any questions or concerns about our RETURN and EXCHANGE Policies feel free to contact us by e-mail at  info@bluepegasos.com or call/text us at 0400 170 166 (Australia) or +61 (0).400 170 166 (Overseas)

Office Hrs. Mon – Fri 9 AM – 3 PM

Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd
467 O’Keefe Road
Ramsay QLD 4358


Please Note:
Review our Return and Exchange Policy before submitting this form.

  • You (the customer) are responsible for your returned goods until the Date we (Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd) receive them.
  • If you return goods for an exchange, please include an addressed prepaid satchel/postage bag, and place your request in the comment section below.

Reason for Return:

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