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BP Horse Shoes Outperform all Other Option

by Tara Nicklason – Tasmania (AUS)

I am an endurance rider who has around 6000km competitive tallied up on a variety of horses.

Coming from a barefoot trimming background, I have competed in endurance using a range of hoof options including barefoot, several kinds of boots, easy boots, and renegades as well as steel shoes. Whilst I had some success with these options I was still frustrated by lameness and fitting hassles as well high costs involved.

Thankfully around 5 years ago I finally gave BP a try. Since then, my horse’s hoof hassles have completely disappeared.
I love them because:

  • My horses excel in them.
  • Lameness issues are a thing of the past.
  • Both my body and my horse feel less concussion with them on.
  • My horse’s stride increases.
  • They go the distance.
  • They stay on.
  • They are affordable and cost-effective.
  • They can be used on all surfaces
  • You can use the plates if you need to pad for a stony ride.
  • They are easy to use, my husband is a novice farrier and he loves that he needs only a rasp to shape the shoe if required.
  • BP is safer than steel should your horse kick you or another horse the potential for serious injury or broken bones is highly unlikely.

During the 2018 Australian Quilty I hosted an American Rider Amy Atkins.
A short way into the ride we were traveling down a bitumen road, BP allowed Amy and me to safely fly through the large field as our horses had grip and no jarring on the hard surface. Both horses were successful completions.

One of my favorite mounts is Legend a 16.1h waler cross. Not your typical endurance mount he is a big strong horse. His career has been in BP and he has been State champion middleweight points and distance horse twice as well as 2020 overall winner in the 160km State Championships.

Legend is also used regularly on farms to work stock and traverse our very steep and challenging countryside all easily in BP.

Blue Pegasos are unique, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all polyurethane shoes are the same, they are not.

BP enables me to ride my horses with peace of mind knowing that they are protected and cushioned at the same time. BP allows me to ride out and enjoy the long distances with confidence.

So glad that I gave them a try and have proven their performance over time, distance, and a variety of beautiful steeds.

Tara Nicklason
Endurance Rider 

Blue Pegasos Horse Shoes

by Duncan and Caroline Woodhead – New South Wales (AUS)

Discovering Blue Pegasos shoes has been a life-changer. With a background in pony club and polocrosse, I thought steel shoes were the only options.

I then got interested in barefoot riding but with the distances covered in endurance riding and training and riding on the rocky ground barefoot became unfeasible. I tried boots and glue on but they either fell off or had a short life.

Blue Pegasos ticked lots of boxes for me. They are lightweight, shock-absorbing, flexible on the hoof, and cost-effective.

I had a few teething problems firstly trying to glue them on. In our wet conditions, the horses just kept losing shoes in the paddock and I would spend hours wandering around trying to locate them. I then tried nails but after a long ride, I found the steel nails had a tendency to break off as the Blue Pegasos shoes allow the hoof to flex as nature intended. I then tried copper nails and have had no problems.

The other deterrent was the difficulty in cleaning out the horses’ hooves, especially when it’s really muddy and the soles get compacted. However, in the competing season, I put on Pegasos sole plates. I fill half the hoof with a Vaseline bluestone mix and seal with a squirt of commercial mould-resistant silicone and then just screw the plates on. They stay in place with no problems and can be easily removed or checked within shoeing periods if required but I have found the hoof keeps healthy and clean. No worries of stone bruising and little hoof cleaning required.

We now use Blue Pegasos shoes on all our endurance horses. The sizes and choice of the shoe give plenty of options for instance one horse needs the roll-over shoe to prevent forging. Our usual farrier is now a convert and happily shapes and fits the shoes to suit the horses.

Since using the Pegasos shoes my mare San Ella Naviit has had no lameness and we have been highly successful, consistently winning heavyweight divisions. It’s great to be able to concentrate on managing my horse and increasing my speed knowing that her hooves and legs are being cushioned.

Duncan & Caroline Woodhead
Endurance Riders


by Peter Holmes (Holmbros) – Queensland (AUS)

I first met Marko at the 2012 Lake Manchester ride where he introduced me to a revolutionary horseshoe made of Polyurethane…

I have been using Blue Pegasos shoes since 2012 and have found them excellent for impact resistance & wear resistance plus easy to apply.

They are wonderfully secure on cement & tarred roads …. can be a teenzy slippery on wet grass.

They are the very ‘best’ for hard concussive surfaces, giving the foot concussive stress relief

The choice of different density grades and sizes means any horse can be outfitted with them.

I have not used any other shoe in the last 10 years & would never swap to using anything else.

My horses have all performed exceedingly well wearing Blue Pegasos…

It is my opinion, anyone, not using these Poly shoes is unwittingly penalising their horse.

Peter Holmes {Holmbros}
Endurance Rider

BP Horseshoes

by Victoria Clarke – Marvel Endurance – Queensland (AUS)

My endurance journey began in 2011 when I did my first 40km. When I got off my horse that day, I just about fell to the ground with how sore my knees were and I remember thinking to myself, “If this is how I feel, how are my horse’s legs!”

The following morning his legs were tree trunks. I began researching what options were out there and after two years of trying different booting options and shoeing in steel for rides, I discovered Blue Pegasos shoes and we have never looked back.

The days of seeing my horse’s legs swollen and puffy after rides were gone – and my knees are also grateful! When I rode a friend’s steel-shod horse in a 40km a couple of years back I was barely 5km in before the concussion hit me and I lost the feeling in my toes for the rest of the ride – I was so glad when I was back on my Blue Pegasos horses!

Ten years later I am the proud holder of two 160km buckles, including a Tom Quilty finish and my sister recently completed her first 160km at Bony Mountain – all onboard our horses shod in Blue Pegasos Horseshoes.

I’ve even managed to convert more than one farrier into a Blue Pegasos fan – one used to take my horses used BP’s to put on his laminitic client horses with fantastic results! I wouldn’t use anything else, we will be die-hard Blue Pegasos fans to the end!

Victoria Clarke – Marvel Endurance
Endurance Rider

Testimonial for BLUE PEGASOS Polyurethane Horseshoes

by John Dugan – QERA 42272 – Queensland (AUS)

I have been using Blue Pegasos Horse Shoes since they were created.

All my Endurance Horses get shoed with Blue Pegasos Horse Shoes they are simply magnificent, no shock for horse’s legs, no shock for the horse’s hooves, absorb concussion.

I am an Endurance Rider I used steel shoes before, which gave great vibration and aches to my body.

Changing to Blue Pegasos Horse Shoes, less jarring for me giving a more comfortable riding experience. I don’t have any issues with Blue Pegasos Horse Shoes a great Horse Shoe

John Dugan – QERA 42272
Endurance Rider 

The Blue Pegasos shoes have been a game-changer

by Stacey Chepren – Nevada (USA)

I don’t ever want to put any horse in a stereotypical box. Over the years I have found them all to be individuals to some extent. Unfortunately, when my OTTB mare came off the track in late 2017, her front feet were not ideal. She was let down for a few months before I restarted her. During the first year, we dealt with some intermittent lameness issues. I attribute this to a few things and not to just “Thoroughbred Feet.” Radiographs and extensive lameness evaluations were conducted by a renowned equine hospital in New Jersey to ensure we were doing everything right.

Stacey felt like she had tried everything for Miss Benburb when she relocated to the desert of Las Vegas, NV.

She has been in and out of several types of shoes since I have owned her, in two very different environments. She has been in and out of pads, wedges, worn steel shoes, aluminium shoes, and egg bar shoes. Though her feet did improve significantly after we moved from the wet weather of the northeast and to the desert of Las Vegas, we still found some intermittent lameness isolated to her front feet. I had the good fortune of finding an absolutely amazing farrier who really has her best interest at heart. We continued to listen to my mare and change up her shoeing as needed. Under his care, she was going the best I have ever seen and felt her.

About a year ago, he told me about a synthetic shoe he had started to use with some of his clients. He mentioned that he thought it would be the perfect shoe for my girl. He had done nothing but great things for my horses, so of course, I trusted his judgment and guidance. Enter the Blue Pegasos shoe! What did we have to lose? We only stood to gain. If it didn’t work, we could go back to our usual aluminium shoes.

When Stacey’s farrier suggested synthetic horseshoes, she decided they were worth a try! Enter Blue Pegasos.

A year later, we have never looked back. This shoe has stood up to the desert climate we have here, and the full workload I have my mare in. She is a jumper who I ride on a regular schedule and competes throughout the season. We also don’t stay in the arena. These shoes have held up to desert trail riding that can include some rocky terrain. And when I stay trail riding, I don’t mean leisurely walks. We do hill work and go on regular gallops out in the desert because my mare is a War Horse that still expects regular gallops. The shoes stand up to that type of use, no problem.

The Blue Pegasos shoes have been a game-changer for my mare, and I cannot recommend them enough! She absolutely floats in them and has not needed anything additional like pads or wedges while she has been shod in them. In metal shoes, we would experience the occasional annoying thrown shoe. Not in the Pegasos. She has not thrown a single one of these shoes.

Not only does Stacey compete in show jumping with Blue Pegasos on her mare, but she also tests them out on the trail.

Many people notice the Pegasos shoes at shows and around the barn. They have asked my thoughts on them, which I’m happy to take some time to explain. The moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to try something new! Yes, it may be different, yes, it may be something you have never seen or heard about, that doesn’t mean it won’t work, or that it’s not a quality product.

Stacey Chepren
Show Jumper and Trail Rider

Blue Pegasos Shoes are Outstanding

by Leah Robertson – Queensland (AUS)


My mare ‘Rosevale Park Princeton’s Melody’ completed her first full season wearing Blue Pegasos shoes at the end of 2021 winning her final ride, a 160k in 10 hours 47min and I couldn’t be happier with Blue Pegasos Shoes.

My mare just didn’t feel “quite right” in traditional Steel Shoes including using Equi-Pak for bigger rides, she was sound and even but just wouldn’t fully extend and stretch out, I tried barefoot/boot’s with some improvement but still was not convinced she was 100% comfortable and prepared to stretch.

Then we tried Blue Pegasos Shoes! she now feels absolutely outstanding, stretching and extending to her peek and pulling up in brilliant shape after rides!

And the difference I’ve noticed in my own body is hard to believe, I have gone from pulling up with a terribly sore/aching upper-middle back after ‘big rides’ for a number of years to feeling barely any different to if I had done an average training ride, it’s too obvious to be a coincidence!

Blue Pegasos has been helping me and my horse for nearly 12 months now and I won’t go back! I recommend everyone to give them a try and feel the difference for themselves! (Image Sarah Sullivan Photography)

Leah Robertson
Endurance Rider

We are very satisfied with these horseshoes

by Mona Doubkova – (CZ)

For my gelding, I decided to choose the horseshoe Blue Pegasos Joint saver (orange), as he was in his youth after a serious operation.

We are very satisfied with these horseshoes, the gelding runs endurance races with them, the horseshoes beautifully absorb shocks during long sections of asphalt and at the same time have great anti-slip properties.

I was very surprised by the life of the horseshoes, they always lasted us for 2-3 periods, despite the fact that they have no metal reinforcement. Now the gelding is starting to return to sports after another accident, and it is these plastic horseshoes that help him a lot in his convalescence.

Mona Doubkova
Horse Owner and Endurance Rider

An appreciation Post

by Kirsty Neilley – Tasmania (AUS)

An appreciation Post to Blue Pegasos Australia, this particular horse had soundness issues with 5 other types of shoes until I tried blue Pegasus, and OMG you can feel the difference in her.

Competing in Tasmania Pony club state trials eventing last weekend and she didn’t once slip going around cross country with no studs needed.

Kirsty Neilley

Blue Pegasos second-to-none

by Adriana Sardoni – Queensland (AUS)

After using Blue Pegasos shoes in training, and endurance rides, I will never use steel shoes again!

The difference I feel in my own body, especially my joints, is immense – I can only imagine how much better the horse feel with shoes that absorb so much of the shock and the concussion.

I have always found the customer service at Blue Pegasos second- to- none.

I cannot recommend Blue Pegasos shoes enough!


Adriana Sardoni
Endurance Rider

A Farriers Opinion

by Nathan Kerrison – Queensland (AUS)

Many of my customers ask my opinion about boots versus shoes on their horses. Many have been told that wearing shoes is detrimental to their horses’ feet and they should be barefoot.

My simple answer is always the same.


These days there are many options, from boots, steel shoes, aluminium shoes and also polyurethane shoes.
The shoes in this photo are BLUE PEGASUS.
The BLUE PEGASUS shoes come in three grades, Medic (blue), Joint Saver (orange), and Transition (charcoal).

The shoes are so flexible that they behave like the horses’ feet. They don’t inhibit any of the hoof’s natural flexion and therefore give great comfort and protection to the hoof and joints of the leg. Concussive forces are reduced compared to steel shoes giving relief to joints, connective tissue, and muscles.

I guess what I am trying to do is let horse owners know there are options available and not to accept what you have been told without researching a little.

Happy riding.

Nathan Kerrison

Testimonial – Ken Moir and Blue Pegasos

by Ken Moir – Queensland (AUS)

I have been using Blue Pegasus horseshoes on my endurance horses now for 8 years, and in that time I’ve succeeded in qualifying 10 horses into open status, whilst also winning and placing in the Queensland State Championships.

There are a variety of sizes and densities of Blue Pegasos shoes, and these are readily available with a quick and efficient service.

I have found that my horses have little or no swelling in their legs following an endurance event and concussive founder is a thing of the past. (A constant problem with peripheral loading steel shoes.)

I apply the shoe myself and I am not a professional farrier. I would suggest that many people could do the same as these polyurethane shoes are much easier to apply than a steel shoes as one can shape them with the clipper and the rasp.

I highly recommend Blue Pegasos horseshoes and I cannot foresee the day that I’d return to steel shoes for my horses.


Ken Moir
Endurance Rider

Thank You, Blue Pegasos

by Heidi Larson – Washington (USA)

I have successfully used the Blue Pegasos shoes since about 2014 on my two endurance horses. Both horses have 100% completion in their Blue Pegasos. I personally love the simplicity and design of these shoes.

Easy to trim, fit each horse’s individual hoof shape and they wear better than other composite shoes we have tried. I especially appreciate the 3 densities so you can choose what works best for your horse.

Thinner hoof walls? The harder gray density may be the better choice. My farrier found them easy to apply and typically they were on for 6-7.5 weeks depending on our ride schedule/distances.

We didn’t have any issues with these shoes and they will always be my shoe of choice. Thank you Blue Pegasos.

Heidi Larson (and Kalasha +/ and Kiger Caliente)
Endurance Rider

A Farriers’ View

by Nathan Kerrison – Queensland (AUS)

I have been a farrier for the past 36 years. I trained in NSW, working in many disciplines, racing, pacing, eventing, reigning, western, and endurance. I have worked closely with many vets doing corrective and rehabilitation work on hooves.

About 10 years ago, I was introduced to TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane Horseshoes by one of my endurance-riding customers. Being a traditional farrier, I was skeptical. However, after a few consecutive shoeing, I began to see improvements in the horses’ hooves.

1. Hoof walls thickened;

2. Soul density improved;

3. Coronet/Periople relaxed;

Now, I use these shoes to rehabilitate horses with

1. Laminitis;

2. Navicular Syndrome;

3. Arthritis;

In the past few years, I have transitioned many horses onto TERRAFLEX™ shoes, and none of my customers will go back to steel after they have experienced the improved comfort and soundness in their horses.

But probably, the best recommendation I can give you is that I use TERRAFLEX™ horseshoes on all my own horses.

Nathan Kerrison

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