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Suitable for all horses' hooves, anytime, anywhere, and for most activities, e.g. Trail and Endurance Rides - Polo, and Polo Cross Games - Flat, and Harness Racing - Carriages, and Coach Work - Police Duties, and Military Parades - Driving Competitions, and Speed Games - Rodeo, and Camp Drafting, just to name a few.

Suitable for front and hind hooves, TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane Horseshoes are universal in design, allowing a wide variety of shapes for an easy, and fast shoeing application.

Suitable on bitumen, concrete, gravel, sand, clay, turf, or on any other ground surfaces. TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane horseshoes provide super traction without adding studs, spikes, or any other items, they are also slip-resistant.

Suitable for therapeutic, and orthopaedic applications. TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane horseshoes ease the discomfort of most hoof problems.

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