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Blue Pegasos® Pty Ltd, hereafter called Blue Pegasos, is a wholly Australian-owned and operated company, that is conducting cutting-edge research on horseshoe technology and other related equine performance issues.

Here at Blue Pegasos, it’s all about the horses and their human partners.

Due to the dedication, desire, and diligence on the part of an incredible team of people, you will now be able to enjoy the great benefits of flexible, concussion absorbing, and easy to use horseshoes using the latest innovative polyurethane material, all developed and manufactured in Australia at a very competitive price.

Blue Pegasos, in conjunction with horse owners, riders, veterinarians, and farriers developed more versatile and easy to apply polyurethane horseshoes that take polymer shoes to a new level.

Our business is constantly involved in Research and Development, designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality proven equine products for the equine industry that will help enhance the performance, provide protection, increase comfort for the horses and riders, and enrich the overall human-horse experience.

An essential part of our design program is that we listen to you, our customers, and we care about the problems you encounter with your horse. Our goal is to help make the future of the horse-rider relationship as fulfilling as exciting as the past.

Our customers and team members range over a broad spectrum of horse owners, veterinarians, endurance and trail riders, dressage and show jumpers, coach and carriage drivers, camp drafters, mounted police officers, polo and polo cross players, trainers, farriers, and jockeys to name a few.

Our mission is to enhance the health, and well-being of horses by providing our customers, and the overall equestrian world with excellent service, training, and innovative equine hoof care products.

Our vision is to be the forerunner, through contacts and pioneering performances, to the equine world transformation in hoof care training.

Our values are the services we provide, and the close contact with our customers. We approach each interaction with compassion, respect, and honesty.

We, at Blue Pegasos, are certain that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us, as much as you and your horse enjoy the benefits of using our products.

With Kind Regards,

Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd
Management and Support Team

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