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Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd proudly supports the Endeavour Foundation

Blue Pegasos is a proud supporter of the Endeavour Foundation. The Endeavour Foundation is an independent organisation founded in 1951; driven to assist people with disabilities, to live a more fulfilling life and turn their possibilities into reality. Today the Endeavour Foundation is a community based organisation with the core goal of ensuring people that the organisation and volunteers are there for them, and are committed to achieving more, together.

The organisation supports over 4,000 people through their core services:
• Home
• Daily living
• Learning
• Work
• Social and community participation
• Relationships and independence

Not only does the Endeavour Foundation provide essential services and assistance to people living with a disability, but they also partner research institutes – the results of this research have the potential to improve community involvement and standard of living. At the moment the Endeavour Foundation is supporting a program to increase access to technology for disabled people, a “constructing futures” study that focuses on work and living aspirations for the disabled and their families, as well as several other exciting research initiatives.

Can you help turn a possibility into a reality? Learn more about the Endeavour Foundation – www.endeavour.com.au

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