Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH) in Horses

   Linda Krueger (Author)


It often tears the blood vessels of ambitious horses. High blood pressure and the impact of the front hooves during the race are to blame.

For the assessment, a racehorse was monitored during high-speed racing. The data collected showed the “moment of impact” at an astonishing rate of 1, 800.00 Kg (3,968.32 pounds) when the front hooves touch the ground. once would ask if training stops and/or impact-absorbing hoof protection would help to reduce or prevent EIPH.

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My First Tom Quilty Gold Cup Ride 2022

Duncan Woodhead (Author)


They say all big ideas start with a dream and I have had a few. So, after sailing around the world and returning to our house in Northern NSW, I was introduced to the sport of Endurance riding and joined the Tenterfield Endurance Club.

They were incredibly friendly and encouraging (I think maybe they just wanted someone else to suffer with them on these long rides through the varied and magnificent countryside). With a great deal of help, particularly from Michael Combe, the then president of TERC., I finally became an open rider. As a way to thank him and the club, Caroline and I volunteered to strap for him at the 2019 Tom Quilty at Imbil, near Gympie. 
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Welcome to Our News Forum

Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd (Author)


We welcome you to our News Forum, be it as our customer or as a visitor to our website, no matter how, we will keep you informed, and updated on our products, and/or developments, customers’ experiences, and comments, and share with you some hints and tips, ideas, and/or suggestions as well.

It has taken us a little while to get around to creating a site where we could publish and share with you more in detail about the versatility, but more the effectiveness of our products used by members across the Equine Industry (globally) the experiences they’ve made, and their comments.

Sharing with you hints and tips on how to resolve issues without getting lost in a world of excessive, and perhaps unnecessary purchasing/cost relations can be an advantage to some or an inspiration to others. 
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