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BLUE PEGASOS® TERRAFLEX™ NON-Metal Horseshoes are made of Polyurethane and are suitable for almost any Horse and Activities

Suitable for all horses’ hooves, anytime anywhere, and for most activities. Suitable for front and hind hooves, TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane Horseshoes are universal in shape and size.
Suitable on bitumen, concrete, gravel, clay, and turf. TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane horseshoes have a good grip and are slip-resistant. Suitable for therapeutic and orthopedic applications. TERRAFLEX™ Polyurethane horseshoes ease the discomfort of most hoof problems.

TERRAFLEX Polyurethane Horseshoes

About Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd
Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned company that is conducting cutting-edge research on Horse Shoe Technology and related equine performance issues.

With Blue Pegasos you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a flexible, easy-to-use horseshoe using the latest innovative polyurethane products developed and manufactured in Australia by Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd at very competitive prices.

Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd in conjunction with horse owners and riders, veterinarians, and farriers has developed a more versatile and easily applied line of Polyurethane Horse Shoes that take polymer shoes to a new level. We are constantly involved in Research and Development designing quality products for the Equine industry. Conventional and traditional products are often unable to provide the level of satisfaction required and can be limited in areas of application and functionality. (more…)